C.M.F. was founded by Mr. Pier Giorgio Fausone in 1975 as Machining Company for:

  • precise mechanical parts
  • mechanical assembling
  • customers drawings and requests.

Over the years, the company has expanded its services by establishing itself in different sectors, Aerospace (special aeronautical parts, equipment and test benches), Machine Tools, Industrial Automation, Food Industry, production of small and medium sized Welding parts for industrial uses, complete with mechanical machining and Painting.
Thanks to the level of quality achieved, the professional expertise gained over the years and the constant growth of the staff, the company is able to satisfy the customers, in every single request, with high flexibility in production, and the capability to analyze and optimize, with competence, the specific production cycles.

All Numerical Control machines are connected to a centralized CAD-CAM system, which allows the programming by the technical office, optimizing production times. Our technical department is able to work with 2D and 3D files, in DWG, DXF, IGS, STP, CAD formats, etc.
Over the years the company has increased the production of components made of special alloys, as titanium and inconel 15.5 ph. Thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified partners, C.M.F. is able to realize parts, complete with heat and surface treatments, deep drilling, grinding and painting.

The constant commitment of C.M.F. in providing more and more valid and complete products and services, it has led the company to develop and upgrade the assembly department with highly qualified personnel, to ensure to all customers a high level of reliability in the construction of processing equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, with machining of parts, assembly and final testing.

The C.M.F. has been chosen in the supply of components from the most important machine tool manufacturers, world leaders in the sector, and can boast a long-lasting collaboration with leading companies in the automotive, oenological and packaging sectors. The objective of further growth, especially in foreign markets, pushes the company to pursue, with increasing determination, high levels of competitiveness and to expand our organization with the employment of new highly qualified professionals.
The C.M.F. covers an area of about 4,000 square meters, with about 18,000 square meters used as service areas, and has a staff of about 35 people.